Who we are?

A Group of International Artists. Our art is entertainment and production. Our entertainment productions are more than a simple act or sideshow, they are experiences people never forget.

We are driven to make your event, opening or festival. We manage every detail, so that the entertainment experience is both a highlight and a cohesive part of the entire event plan.

What we do?

First, we create a unique vision to inform your event planning process. One that is not mass-produced, but specifically designed to suite your needs and venue.

Once we develop the custom creative concept, we plan out every detail, step-by-step. We do not simply produce or book entertainment acts, we craft a holistic experience that reacts and complements the reason for your event.

Finally, event execution brings the plan to life, creating a unique, memorable performance for your audience.

Why we do it?

Our passion is to push past the boundaries of regular events and productions. Our intention is to be different, creating event experiences that are also different. As artists, our goal is not only to achieve a perfect production, it’s the pleasure of creating a unique piece of entertainment art. That art will consist of moments that capture your audience’s attention, surprise them and inspire them in the way only live entertainment can. They’ll be moments they never forget.

Designing Themes

Before we begin the event planning details, we develop a theme that suits the type of event either public or corporate event, and the audience attending it, while also reacting your brand and what you want to say to your guests. The theme then informs every aspect of production planning from colours and costumes to music and settings.